Hi Elena!
In all honesty, I don’t know a whole lot about numerics, just what I read online and interpret based on my own intuition, however, the 44, 22 and 1122 numerics have been SO strong lately that I had to inquire from the galactics.

In the nutshell, I understand that 22 carries the frequency of the master builder and 11-22 is like I said in the last report:  mastery of building sacred structure (22) from a basis of divine knowledge/illumination (11).

Moreover, it is made clear to me that 1122 resonates strongly with the energies of our divine purpose/spiritual blueprint in that it asks us to structure & build our lives (22) according to our spiritual truth (11) where our soul’s reason for BEing lives.

Based on what I was told, these numbers are not related so much to dates…other than the fact that certain dates carry the same frequentials…but that they are activated codes in our DNA that alert us the the frequencies we are working with in our hologram at any given point.

That we are seeing 2’s and 1122’s so much the second half of this year is a very clear indication that we (the ascension collective) are moving on from the purification/preparation/transformation phase and more fully into the “building stage” of new earth…the construction of Eden, as it were….as each of us, in our own timing, learns what it means to “structure and build our individual lives according to our spiritual truths”.

At least that’s my take on it!

Hope this helps…