Hi Fi…the first and most complete feeling that arose in me after reading this was “think with your heart/trust in your feelings“.

And yes, everyone’s perspective on ascension is completely valid, in their own hologram…but your hologram?…only you can determine that. Only you know your divine purpose for being here and what that entails…you are the master of YOU because there is no one else in your world BUT you!  Every person, place, thing outside of you just reflects to you how/what you feel about YOU.  Which then begs the question…what do these two “spiritual people” have to show you about yourself?

From this standpoint, always remember that YOU are the center of your world…if you are incomplete, your world is incomplete.  If you are still inwardly in transition, your outwardly your life will reflect that transition.  Ipso facto, when you are complete within yourself, your life in the physical world will move to reflect that completeness as well.

But none of it can be forced or “made” to happen until it “happens” within you.  That is the basis of the unity timeline, of holographic creation… that all movement is relative to YOU. Lest you risk re-creating, instead of creating anew, spontaneously.  When you are immersed in YOU, you are always, without fail, in complete soul-alignment with your outer world…meaning, you cannot participate in a false reality program when you are true to YOU.

And yes, those still operating on the 3D timeline (false reality program)…which is most people…they can still “make things happen”, but not those currently becoming creator Gods, transitioning into 5D, where “forcing (electric) becomes allowing (magnetic)”.

In unity, we can only take (inspired) action from that place of completeness within, where we are motivated to move when moved.  There just are no other options in unity.

Trust that, and trust YOU. Because remember, you are all that exists in your world.

Does that address your question?