Hey Angel, while I couldn’t say for sure either way, I will say this…if your energy/vibration is no longer in alignment with the 3D world, or work in your case, you will not be able to apply 5D concepts and see results.

Remember, its all energy/resonance.  If you are existing/operating/immersed in the 3D world with a 5D mindset, there is conflict between your head and heart which means your creations will be conflicted.

Not sure if you read Causal to Conscious Creation, but there is a Q&A in there that applies:

So ultimately, conscious creation really boils down to resonance? 

You could say that. Though we would say more specifically that conscious creation boils down to “purified personal resonance”.

Remember that in unity…that is to say, with the proper mind/heart balance…you are permitted to work with the LOA & LOR only from the point of purified personal resonance, whereas (3D) causal creation, via separation consciousness…one operates from a split-mind/heart perspective and therefore creates from this same point of reference.

This split, or fragmentation, slows down the creation process considerably...disables it in some cases.

For example, when one is focused in separation and sends a fragmented thought form to the universal consciousness field, it is dispersed among many varied polarized potentials due to the incongruence caused by the (perceived) separation.

In other words, when the mind and heart are separated, and therefore not working harmoniously toward a common goal…for example, the heart wants one thing, the head another…there is discordance.

This discordance sends what we would call “mixed signals” to the universal consciousness field. What is returned is usually a watered-down version, or amalgamation of conflicting energies and manifestations based on conflicting, polarizing desires.

So, at the causal level of creation, one still attracts based on resonance, only the resonance is split between the head (thinking) and heart (feeling).
As a result of this discordance, creation is less conscious, less unified in command, and therefore way less effectual. 

So I guess my question to you would be…can you really stay true to your hearts intentions while working in an environment that does not support your truth?