Oh, so if the conflict is not just with your work environment, if it is EVERYWHERE in your life as you say, then the problem lies within.  But luckily so does the solution.

You say that you are in a difficult work environment in a town, and with a staff, that does not appreciate or value me in a town, and with a staff, that does not appreciate or value me.

And I would say that remember, life is a hologram and so there is no “other”…every and all things (especially relationships) are just an outer reflection of how you truly feel about yourself inside.  All of these “relationships” are perfectly placed and exactingly accurate mirrors of your own self value.

Aka, no one in your world will LOVE, value or appreciate you completely until you do this for yourself first.  If you want to experience a life and relationships that honor the highest in you, then you have to align with the highest in you…and take the action steps accordingly.

How this polarity came to be in this lifetime matters not in the alchemy of transmutation…the whos and whys of yesterday can serve as distractions to the present where our power to change lives.

The present moment only asks one thing of you…make true choices that reflect your true nature (heart).

In bringing this back to YOU (since there is nothing but you in your world) do the choices you make regularly reflect your true value (as GOD), or your perceived value?

Where do you need to LOVE & value yourself more so that others can reflect that LOVE & value to you, by proxy?  

You say that you have created a path that has been very isolated, not feeling supported and no clarity on how to shift it.

The clarity you are seeking is in understanding the structure of our YOUniverse…that your feelings of not being supported are (by design) creating the accurate real-ity to reflect that be-lief and corresponding feeling to you, so you can shift it.  The shift you are seeking comes from the daily, hourly choices and actions you need to make to reflect your real value, not the external/false value system that accepted as real.

Translation:  Your world is always and in all ways about YOU…which means to change your world, you just need to change your perception of YOU.

Make sense?