Hi LuAnne, thanks for your patience while I got the new report up.

My first feeling while reading your query is that you are being called to honor YOU, above all else.

I am not so sure that getting to a place of non-reaction is what this is about for you, but that your anger is very accurately showing you what’s true for you and you are being prompted to take actions that align with that heartfelt truth.

Anger is the way our soul communicates to us when we are not honoring the voice of the heart…aka, valuing the input/choices of another over our own.  It is a masculine expression so it is a prompt to take action in support of your truth…whether that be vocalizing it or making a life change.

You say:
It feels as though I’m not in my right place and yet I keep receiving encouragement from spiritual mentors to stay in a difficult work environment

And I would ask:
Why would you accept the encouragement of those who contradict your feelings?

Deeply you know what’s true for you, honor that.  (lesson 2: right relationship)  Then take the proper actions to support that truth. (lesson 2.5: right-action)

February…a 2 vibration…is all about the mirrored self.  At the causal level it surfaces as relationship issues…at the unity level it surfaces as relationships that reflect ourselves so we can see ourselves in relationship to others and the world.

Aka, you are right on the pulse.