Hi Astara…first of all, WOW…quite an eclipse journey for you!

And oddly personal to me too because I have wanted to buy a new car for 2 years now and I just can’t get up the motivation to do it.  I know this is for good reason and that when everything clicks into place I will find my groove, and the same is true for you…only obviously a lot sooner.

But here’s the thing…because our vehicles tend to be literal representations of our biological vehicles, my thought is that this is intimately connected to the season of “resurrection” when we are bringing online a much higher version of our physical life and body.  Does that feel relevant to you?

I have also been told that as move deeper into the portal and closer to the lunar eclipse, our “creation powers” will return, along with our motivation, but that we had to be unplugged in order to reconnect at a higher, more aligned level with our cosmic truth.

So there is hope you will feel the desire to “buy your new vehicle” when we are back in alignment with our soul self if you are able to hold out a week or so.

Whatever this “upleveling” represents for you, I would say, trust it implicitly.  Eclipses have the tendency to pull the rug out from under us and can take us on wild goose chases…we think we are going one way and then suddenly things shift and we are going in a completely different direction.  You may not yet understand the purpose, but I assure you it’s for something greater than you can envision at this point.

The key is to take your hands off the wheel…pun intended…and let your higher self steer you to the next expression of you.

If you do, if you stay out of the way and only move when moved as I like to say, you will find that everything falls perfectly into place, even if not how you expect it.

Trust in trust, faith in faith and the end result will be way better than you can imagine.

Hope this helps in some way…