First of all, that’s SUPER cool!

Secondly YES…there is a definite connection between the physical sun and the merging of your solar (christ) aspect, the part of you that actually originates from the sun.

The physical sun acts as a capacitor in a sense, storing and transmitting the divine charge needed to awaken and activate our DNA.  Because of this, I am not at all surprised that you are being called to “sun charge” since what sounds like your solar initiation on 11/13…a very powerful numeric indeed. (11-mastery doorway/ 13- christed consciousness)

As always, follow your body’s promptings in whatever way it calls to you…our cells are much wiser and more intelligent than our human mind can parlay at this time.

Also, I am receiving a message from the Orion masters of light…are you aware of your galactic origins?  They impress upon me that your soul originated in Orion…they tell me that you are currently going thru a transition into spiritual/galactic adulthood.

Here’s what they tell me:

We would like to interject to ensure that all is well with this one.  There is a coming of age at present, a remembering of divine galactic origin that is essential for our beloved star sister’s homecoming.

What we present you with is an understanding that her galactic DNA is awakening to the memory of her home star system, Orion, and that this awakening is activating within her with the memory of her solar self.

As the sun activates the physical light intelligence in the body, so too does her galactic reorientation of the stars begin in earnest.  There is an intelligence at play here that far supersedes the human mind, allow for all that is to BE.

We represent the chief commanding office of Orion from on high. May peace prevail.

Does this fit with your current experience?