“I know that I have shifted in vibration recently and wondered if this triggered something in the other person.”

100% YES.

About the quoted text from your last report, “all of your constructs based in ego-separation will have been severed,” does this refer to ego-separation on OUR part or the other person’s? Does this mean we no longer deal with people who are ego-driven??

100% NO.

If we were to only deal with people who were not ego-driven, we (the ascending collective) would all be together in one place.  There are very few people who are ready to live from the heart, and the whole point of us being here, spread out all over the world, is to stand in as the example for all…to create and anchor the crystalline grid for the whole planet.

The goal is to share ourSelves with ego-driven people, but from the detached, witness perspective of the 5D observer consciousness…with our sovereignty intact…where we have solidified our boundaries thru the balance of our masculine, empowered GOD energy.

And keep in mind that via the law of resonance…when we are anchored in the frequency of LOVE….yes, we are going to interface with ego-driven people, but we will do so in a way that will bring out the highest and best possible in those we come into contact with, making our experiences much less maligned.

What the Sirians were referring to in the report were our own ego-constructs…our time in separation is ending and this means moving into the understanding that in unity, everything we experience in our life, relationships and world is only a projection/reflection of ourselves, of our own perceptions based on our vibration and how we truly feel about ourselves.

In duality, we experience the polarity of “other” as ourselves and attract opposite energies…ie, if we feel victimized, we attract perpetrating energies (people and experiences) and vice versa….or we give to others what we ourselves ultimately desire…ie, the wounded healer construct (healing others because we ourselves want to heal).

In unity, we bypass (or maybe I should say transcend) polarity because we have integrated the understanding that those two seemingly “separate” things are just flip sides of the same coin…two ends of the same polarity spectrum. In the middle is where where the soul lives...neutrally observant to both extremes, but not attached to either.

In unity, all we experience is SELF.  That is the ultimate desired attainment of any soul incarnated in form.

Make sense?