In a word: YES!

Holographically speaking, all that you experience in the world is YOU.  And yes, this certainly applies to our relationships as well…as you shift vibrationally, you (by default) shift your participation with the matrix.

So for example, when you commune with another you are really witnessing/experiencing the part of yourself that relates to that person.  This is why 10 different people can have 10 different experiences of the same exact person….because we all pull on different aspects of each other.

The best example I can give of this is a grumpy cashier…did you ever go to a store and witness an unhappy clerk who doesn’t put forth any energy above and beyond their job description, but when it’s your turn to check out, instead of feeding into their grumpiness if you offer them sincere, soul acknowledgment, suddenly, the energy shifts and as if by magic that same cashier goes above and beyond to meet you…maybe bags your whole order or offers up some helpful information, etc…

Then, you leave and the next person in line gets the “grumpy cashier”…

This is the result of resonance…it’s not that the cashier permanently changed, its that you interfaced with their energy and pulled out a “higher level experience” that is contained within that person because by law of resonance, the higher vibrating energy always lifts the vibrations of its surroundings.

So by that example, those around us shift/lift to accommodate our experience IF we are embodying and emanating universal LOVE.

On a more personal level, by way of our intimate relationships…and by law of resonance…those people we interact with regularly can certainly shift in a more permanent way simply by our constant vibrational influence on them. It can cause unrest at first, and sometimes it causes those unwilling to change to leave our lives, but those who “stick” have no choice but to grow (lift their vibration) if they want to remain close to us.

And this is ultimately how we change the world…by our resonance alone.  This is why we are always told that there is nothing to DO but BE…LOVE.  That emission of energy creates change, simply by our interaction with the matrix.

This is what the whole section (Understanding Unity) referred to in the last report…I am assuming this is what piqued your curiosity?

At your inception into the new world, little will seem the same by way of your participation with creation in the sense that all of your constructs based in ego-separation will have been severed, and left in its place will be nothing but YOU and your relationship with YOU in the physical world.

As you come to palpably understand that there is no separation between you and the world around you, you will begin to witness, first hand, how to effectively work within your new reality program.

More than anything, this means that everything we desire to BE, do or have is already contained within us and so our new orientation to life is no longer about our relationship to each other and the world, but our relationship to, and experience of, ourSelves IN the world.