All you have to do is create the reality in your holographic chamber

Or you could simply use your imaginative power.

First you could create the vision of what you desire, in this case you could envision your body as whole, perfect compete radiant, etc.  you could make a list of adjectives that would lend to your visceral experience of this reality.

Then you would need to step into this reality program by feeling every aspect of it.  For example, what would it feel like to be perfect and whole, complete and radiant?

You could even break it down into sections of experience or individual experiences….for example, what are some of the things you would do if you felt well?

You could make a list of those things you would do with perfect health…in order.  For example. What is the VERY first thing you would do if you were assured your health? What would it feel like to do that? How would you be doing it? Where would you be doing it? With who?

Lastly you would need to live as if this had already taken place.  The best way to do this that we know of is to allow yourself to experience the fullness of the reality in your mind and heart first. Then, when you have fully explored every aspect of your imaginative creation, you will have shifted in vibration to a place of fulfillment. Once there, it will be easier to live each moment in the fullness of that reality.

Step by step you can hold in your consciousness the feelings of fulfillment as you live your daily life.  The more immersed you are in the fulfillment of this desire, the faster it will manifest into form.  If you however slip out of resonance with the attainment of your desire, simply reimagine your way back in.

It really is a “matter” of make believe!

If this is possible now, why wasn’t it possible before?

It was always possible, you just did not be-lie-ve it to be true.  There is an enormous amount of cleaning that has to take place in order for the mind to be capable of surrendering to the magic of creation but we would say that you are here now.