“I am being directed to rely more on my own wisdom and relinquish external guides.”
I LOVE this for you George!  This feels like a perfect next step and while I am sad to see you go, I completely understand and respect your choice to move more deeply into your own inner knowing.
And thank you too, for the open offer for Hot Springs, that is so sweet of you…Leon and I actually just recently talked about a cross country trip for 2017 after construction is complete so who knows! 
Will definitely miss having your positivity and enthusiasm in the community but hopefully our paths will one day cross again.
Speaking of which, please email Jane at admin@thinkwithyourheart.com to notify her of your cancellation.  She will be able to pause you in the system indefinitely, however, if you ever do decide to return in the future…perhaps for some sacred magic/mystery teachings (!) which I am hoping to break into after ascension completes…then your profile and all your information will remain intact.
She will also be able to cancel your billing requests so that you don’t receive any invoices from us.
Thank you again for all that you are and especially all that you brought to the coaching forum, and I wish you the most extraordinary blessings on the next leg of your journey!
With so much LOVE,