Glad to help Marie, and I hear you about the root issues…grounding into HOME is/was/has been the hardest thing to do as sensitive beings…the lower dimensions can be terrifying ūüėĮ and most of us never felt safe here. ¬†But luckily that is changing now and the earth is literally becoming home to us because, well, we brought it here! pretty trippy.

But yes, grounding into your “home” is¬†key to abundance because the lower chakras connect us to the physical world (3D) and money is¬†of the physical world.

re self LOVE…the best and greatest formula for LOVEing yourself fully is to stay riveted to your hearts call. ¬† I know it has become cliche, but you literally have to think with your all times, in all ways, because it is guiding you home…to YOU, to your LOVE.

The heart is the voice of the soul, the portal to eternity, the gateway to Source, and as such it is the only intelligence that provides us access to the whole of our BEing and totality of experience(s).  Trust it implicitly!

Each time you honor your heart over your mind, you are LOVEing yourself.  Each time you give yourself permission to feel good, you are LOVEing yourself.  Each time you are courageous enuf to put your heart-felt-Self before all else, you are LOVEing yourself.
When¬†the song of your heart¬†becomes your anthem for living, your every creation will¬†sing in harmony¬†with the¬†celestial choirs of¬†heaven on earth… ‚ô°