Hi Amy…what you are experiencing is very common for sensitives. Part of the reason I have been so isolated for so many years is for exactly what you describe here in that my energy field is so open from ascending that I tend to take on the energy of others without knowing it.  Then I become foggy and ungrounded and can’t keep a train of thought.

What I have been told in the past is that while we are building our lightbodies, there is some fragmentation that we have to contend with until we are whole and complete, fully grounded and descended into our physical forms….which is the whole journey of 2014.

I have also been told, as you mention, that yes there will come a time where we are…I think the PHC called it “self contained” where we would be able to maintain our equillibrium even amidst chaos.

In the end, that is the ultimate goal…to effortlessly remain connected to our core…however, until that becomes effortless you can program the energy field contained in your cells to support your command over your bio-field…to keep you protected from outside/environmental influences.

Have you taken the Cell Speak program?

If not, I can offer you a simple quick programming technique, but I can definitely attest to the fact that our cells are more responsive than ever to programming in that we have more command over our adamantine essence now.