Hi AJ, you’re not going crazy, you are just becoming a Christ. ūüėÄ
Sounds to me like your hand chakras may be activating…as I understand it, the hand chakras open when the sacred heart chakra opens, ie when we enter into our Christic¬†nature.
These give us the ability to heal…have you noticed any unusual experiences/dreams/visualizations/visitations in this capacity?
re, the impulse to run away…the energies are ramping up again as we approach March so it’s likely you are feeling the quickening from the¬†incoming¬†light wave. If you are overstimulated (ungrounded) by the light¬†check yourself for¬†resistance to feeling it. ¬†These infusions are so powerful we often have the (unconscious) propensity to clam up, to block the flow. Open yourself up, invite the energy in, allow it to move thru your lower body system and consciously cycle it thru your energy field and into earth, flush with golden light regularly. ¬†Utilize nature, connect with the earth as much as you can, and take salt baths to clear your field. ¬†
Whatever routine you use to get out of your head and into your body, do that.  And know that you will likely need to be diligent with it during the next six weeks so prepare yourself for the high voltages.  The light is here to take those ready all the way, but we have to use our tools to surf the wave and not get tumbled by it.  
Remember, this energy is¬†here to serve you, not harm you. ¬†continually open, open, open. allow, allow, allow. ¬†surrender, surrender, surrender…in faith of the outcome. ¬†You will are supported by teams of angels, let go and float. ¬†

“Overall I am hearing¬†that March¬†will bring a combination of really fast moving energy along with some intentionally slow moving currents‚Ķthe ebbs and flows of which will offer us¬†the opportunity to pace¬†ourselves, to properly assimilate‚ĶIF¬†we¬†stay in tune with the cosmic pulse and not get distracted with worldly concerns.”