Hi Sheryl, I hear you about the weight…one of THE most frustrating aspects of ascension!

And yes, ascension weight will not go away with exercise or any external means of removal because 1) much of the weight is water (aka, cellulite) and 2) it has a purpose to serve, otherwise it wouldn’t be there.  That purpose must be unveiled, from within.

There are two things that I find helpful to understand with regard to weight gain and ascension:

1- The physical body is just a (more dense) expression of our emotional self…when we hold emocean (ie, instead of feeling, facing clearing it over our lifetime) it has a tendency to collect (water) in our physical cells until we are ready/able to process and release those feelings.  Aka, it’s all an inside job.

2- During energy uplevellings and the bombardment of photons in our flesh, the body may expand, hold water…which is highly conductive…to help ground, disburse and distribute the solar frequencies throughout body.  In this way the extra weight can serve as a buffer to help us absorb these high voltages, but should wane after integration takes place.

My experience with my own weight gain since ascension started has shown me that I am working with both…that I tend to blow up during downloads, but that once integrated and I release the water from the light infusion, I am left with what I would call left over emotional weight that I am still chipping away at by facing and feeling any unresolved emotions.

Consider too that during these intensive download periods, the light’s job is to seek out and expose any unresolved emotions in the body and if we are avoiding or resisting in any way, right to our cells it goes!

As far as menopause…I would say that’s just an old paradigm construct, a western allopathic framework for an esoteric experience.  Menopausal symptoms occur when we block the awakening divine feminine within…that which is is organically, by the very nature of our female biology, activating our potential to become enlightened.

I know this because I began experiencing “menopausal symptoms” at 27 after a spontaneous kundalini activation.  What made it so clear was the fact that my mother at the time was going thru nearly the exact same thing, having the same symptoms as me, tho in her late 50’s.

Naturally in our society the truth of our DNA and energy system is not honored or acknowledged and so menopause is seen/understood as something that breaks the body down instead of building it up, bringing us closer to our GOD Self.

When you consider that the purpose of ascension is to open the full chakra system, to experience the soul Self in physical form, the whole idea of menopause just doesn’t hold water…pun intended 😉

Hope this helps!