Great question Elisabet, and you are not alone in this.

I too have a nauseating, intense, body-based reactions of fear whenever I even consider a western approach or allopathic care or go near it in any way.  This started for me in 1999 as well and I have learned A LOT over the ensuing years.

Here’s the metaphysical side of things: very simply put, our personal frequency (for the ascending collective) is so much more refined (higher) than the frequency of the medical industry, which means our vibration no longer supports that level of density…in fact, it aggressively rejects it.  Being as sensitive as we are, we feel the repelling nature of ALL frequencies that are NOT aligned with our highest good, and this is to our benefit.

So I would ask you, when you say “Something is holding me back SO hard!”…isn’t this clear guidance?  Meaning, do you see this resistance as having a purpose?  Cuz I do!

When I think about giving my power to heal my own body away to an external force…especially something as dense as the medical industry, and it definitely IS an industry…I honor the terror I feel as my body’s way of communicating to me: “DON’T GO NEAR THAT FREQUENCY”.  Our cells are brilliant at keeping us from harms way & warning us of potential suffering…we just need to know how to interpret the body’s language.

Of course, it took me a hard lesson to learn that because I thought I was supposed to “fight and face these fears” way back when, and so many years ago I forced myself to go to a dentist, they drilled two molars and filled them and the next day…to my horror….I spoke with my brother, who is a chiropractor, and he said…”why in the HELL did you have your cavities filled?! You can just heal them yourself!”

And that thought changed everything for me.

I realized in that moment, two very empowering things: 1) that physical fear has a purpose...and that if I had honored my body’s reaction instead of forcing it in a direction that it clearly did not want to go, I would not have had to endure that toxic experience along with the overwhelming and damaging anxiety that led up to and during the actual event.  And 2) my body is capable of so much more than I “thought” and those limiting thoughts were blocking access to those very possibilities.

Now of course, this brings up bigger questions like…well, if our bodies are vehemently opposing western care, than what are we supposed to do?

And I will leave that question to your inner guidance.

I will say that for me, it was a message to dig deeper and use a more higher dimensional approach…to learn/remember more about my own God DNA, what it was actually capable of, and to open to the possibility that I could, in fact, regenerate my body/teeth with consciousness.

That being said, I also trust that if the need for western intervention should indeed arise, then I will be buffered with fearlessness...and then my heart will clearly know that is the direction to take.  But not a minute sooner…I will never ignore my body’s wisdom again.

I have also done enuf research, both inner and outer, to support my inner guidance that I can heal my own teeth, and even grow new ones as need be. ( I talk about his more HERE)  I learned that yogi’s are capable of this, so that said to me that I must trust implicitly in the unknown and activate the intelligence of my body’s wisdom by first KNOWING its possible…and ignore anything that contradicts that inner knowing. (not easy, but possible)

In the meantime, and while I work to activate the part of my DNA that can regenerate my teeth, I have been taking butter oil & cod liver oil and all pain from a cavity & broken tooth has completely subsided. (I offer links for that on my answer to Marie’s question)

Ultimately tho, you have to find the perfect path of empowerment for you.

Know that following what feels good and seeking new approaches via higher consciousness are a vital part of the ascension path…we simply cannot partake in conventional 3D means of care with any kind of lasting success, so eventually we are all guided to find the courage to pave a new path of complete self care and sustenance…for ourselves, and eventually for all others.  And this is totally possible!

I hope something I’ve said here eases your strain…♡