Hi Jan and welcome to the co-coaching forum!

You ask:

…is there anything you can “see” that is outside my awareness that is appropriate to my journey at this time?

My honest answer is that even if I could ascertain relevant information that is outside of your awareness, I wouldn’t and here’s why…I honor and maintain that your higher Self is well in command of your ascension process and that any and all information that is appropriate to your evolution at any given moment is always revealed in perfect timing.

When hidden information surfaces in our conscious awareness, it means that we are ready to work with it, to heal from it, to transmute and/or transcend it…and so this is where I can support you.

I acknowledge and deeply respect that those things that are “yet unknown” to us are so for good reason and I personally feel it to be an infringement of will and a misappropriation of power to interfere in that process.

That said, I would be more than happy to assist you to work thru/expound upon any specific “stuff” that you are already in touch with if you so wish.