Hi again!

I guess I would say that my last report really sums up my full reading and interpretation of the final blood moon-eclipse energy.

When it comes to blanketed predictions and universal promises…I am not sure I can be-lie-ve the hype, mostly because we are all at different and varying levels of consciousness and preparedness…however, but from the galactic’s perspective, we are moving into quite a massive, life-changing force of energy that will have long-lasting effects.  What that will literally amount to is, as they urge us, a definite wait-and-see experience.

I do think…based on my receivings…that this will be a major completion point for many souls ready to enter into unity, but we all know that “completions” in the cosmic/universal sense can translate very differently to the manifest world.

Because of that, I think this crossroads will create a defining shift in the ascension journey for all, one that will likely be fully recognized in retrospect, but that it will highly depend on our own individual and personal preparedness….aka, how much attachment we still have to our old self and lives.

As always, your heart knows exactly what this event has in store for YOU.