Got it, thx.

A couple things…first of all, my stomach is wildly descended right now as well so I have been assuming it is related to the ignition process and the full birth of the inner-sun that the PHC told us would peak on the solstice…ie: inner sun (soul-ar)  +  soul-ar plexus  + soul-stice = buddha belly

Hence, we are dealing with A LOT of fiery, masculine, soular-power energy here which always means more intensive clearing and transmutation work.

That being said, I keep hearing that the bloating (and all physical discomfort in this area) is your body’s response to a (former) unprocessed emotion from the past.

Let me tune in to understand more fully…

Ok, I am hearing that this can’t be addressed from the physical level OR the mental level effectively because there is (emotional) meaning in the discomfort, a message…in other words, this is a miasmic (body) response to a past wound, a time when you felt victimized…or overwhelmingly powerless.  Feels like a great amount of fear resulted from this incident and a cellular memory was indeed created.  Could be this life or past…actually, I am hearing that you recreated this core wound scenario in this lifetime in order to heal it.

Whatever this is that you are resolving, your body is greatly involved and is already doing the work to clear the miasm from your DNA…in preparation for the soulstice actually.

Oddly, I also feel like your physical body is calling on you to notice it somehow…maybe to acknowledge that it suffered during that time when you felt powerless or, I want to say vulnerable and unsafe…that if you nurture your body with LOVE, assure it that it’s “safe”, the unrest may settle and the discomfort diminish.

Also keep in mind that just like the earth and her oceans, the physical and emotional body are nearly inseparable …the water we hold in our cells is primarily retained emotion, just densified in physical form, and so in order to release the water we have to release the emotion that harbors it.  Aka, if your body is holding water, there is a good chance another layer of emotion is soon to surface…and since you’re a cancer, likely by the approaching new moon.

The PHC are coming thru to say:

“We would add that in addition to the approaching new moon, the solstice presents a power-filled reset point that will serve to ignite the god fire and transmute all that remains blocked in the physical form.  We would insist that you make it clear that the biological processes required for the release of miasms will indeed take place at a more rapid pace following the solstice so that by the equinox, all that stands in the way of the expression of cosmic truth is wholly resolved.”

They also say this:

“The solar plexus is undergoing a radical expansion at this time so it would behoove you to focus more on the subtle layers of your body system in order to counteract the effects of this process.

There are openings taking place that will serve as a bit of a release valve when this process completes, but for now we would recommend utilizing LOVE energy and grounding techniques to assist in releasing any “pressure” so to speak.

You may also find that it serves you to invoke the elemental energies by visualizing the balance of water (feminine) with this fire (masculine), for example…imagine that your soular plexus is engulfed in flames and then proceed to extinguish this fire with water, even perhaps while drinking water…or while taking a bath…in order to equalize these balancing forces.

We would also remind you that whenever you are in a period of discomfort that the body is clearly presenting you with an opportunity to listen to the growing volume of your soul’s voice…a time to ask yourself, what is vying for my attention?

Realize that there are major changes taking place within you as you embrace this sacred time of reclamation, that of your true power to create.”

Hope that helps in some way…

p.s. I am still hearing “shaman” when I tune into your energy!  Do you have any knowledge of perhaps being a shaman in a past life or anything of the sort?