You say:

use of terms of resonance, frequency, vibration etc. and they are used in Ascension in ways that are not consistent with Newtonian physics.

I agree, those words are used interchangeably via ascension, but in my opinion MANY words are used loosely to describe the indescribable…ie, quantum physics is way more accurately depicted but few people have the brain for that type of understanding.

That said, keep in mind that in C2CC the PHC talk about how in 5D we are no longer participating with Newtonian laws, that they don’t apply in unity because we transcend the dimensions that honor polarity (opposite or opposing realities).

In 3D we are subject to the Law of Cause & Effect, or as you are more familiar with the (Newtonian) expression, the third law, which insists that for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action…in ascension speak called, karmic law.

In 5D we work strictly with the Law of Resonance, devoid of any participation with polarity. Meaning we bypass the 3D split mind-heart (separation) construct and operate purely and strictly with Source. aka, we create only what’s in our hearts, not what we fear.

Regarding a definition of unity, this may help, it’s from C2CC:

Duality (separation consciousness) is the state of being that is precipitated from a split, or fracture in the mind-body/head- heart system which causes the distinct feeling of being separated from the whole of who you are, and therefore from the whole of creation…the ONE-world being.  In this state, one operates as though the world and its cohabitants are separate and therefore inconsequential to the overall well being of the individuated soul.

Unity (unified mind-heart consciousness) is the state of being that is precipitated from the true memory of home…that is to say, the (visceral) memory of being intimately connected to and with all things on all levelsThis is…what precipitates…the state of ONE-ness….

I recommend two things for you:

1-Reread C2CC again, because you are in a different vibrational space than you were two years ago so you may absorb more than “gobbledygook” from it now and with deeper understanding.  Keep in mind tho that this information will only become available to your “mental understanding” when you are in vibrational alignment with the frequency OF it.  This means you can’t reach for any higher understanding before your (divine) timing…that you must release the “need to know” in order to know anything at all.

As always, it’s about attunement.

2-Which brings me to Mercury retrograde.  I would also recommend that you do not reread C2CC until Mercury goes direct and here’s why:  when Mercury (mental) enters his retrograde cycle, the analytical mind takes a subservient position to the higher (GOD) mind and so processing shifts from “computing” to “intuiting”.  I have noticed that your questioning becomes more mentally intense in the forums around retrogrades (including the pre and post shadow periods), as does your mental frustration.  This to me, is an indication that you are trying to comprehend with your thinking brain at a time when you are to be intuiting with you heart brain.  Remember, ascension/descension is a LOVE-first dynamic…you must move into spiritual awakening with your heart first…when your heart is in alignment with GOD, your mind will follow.  It’s never the other way around.

I understand that it can be frustrating to your engineering processor, but ascension comprehension cannot come from that side of the brain…in truth it requires really nothing more than unwavering trust.  My advice would be to suspend your past knowledge all together and ALLOW this newer/higher dimensional information to unfold within you, without looking for it.  Spiritual awakening/enlightenement bubbles up inside of us when we are not paying attention and the higher/GOD mind has a clarity of thought that supersedes ALL thinking.  It is a visceral comprehension of stunning rightness that can’t be explained away.

Because of that I would also suggest that you keep a mercury retrograde calendar so you can be mindful of when your analytical mind starts to get overactive and practice dropping into your heart/trust during these times of inner exploration.  I see this as very valuable information for you to have because an overactive (analytical) mind stops the process of heart-based wisdom and therefore creates separation (between the higher mind and higher heart).

I assure you that in that space of split mind-heart, you will never “know” unity.  It’s just as you pointed out...”the mind questions, the heart KNOWs”.

Hope this helps…