Hi Lis, and thanks for your patience…

My perspective is that feelings and emotions are one in the same, just experienced at different levels of our being.

I understand the emotional body to be an energetic bridge between our mental and physical bodies, a fluid “sensory system” alerting us to our state of consciousness…what thoughts we are honoring…at any given time.

I equate feelings with the physiological sensations associated with our emotional state…aka, feelings are where our emotions meet the physical body layer…how our emotional state physically feels.

This is obviously greatly subject to interpretation, but that is how I came to understand the difference over the years and based on the information gleaned from the galactics.

Hope that helps to shed some light for you!

p.s.  This may seem a little random but the Sirians just came in on your behalf and are asking me to confirm for you that you are their star kin…they tell me that they want you to know that your soul originates from the Sirian star system and that this will help you to connect some important dots between your galactic origins and your human life.  Hope that makes some sense for you.