Hi Julie,

Let me surmise by saying that while I know there is nothing I could tell you that you don’t already know, or that could take away your very warranted frustration, I can certainly commiserate with you.

The short answer is, yes…the agony will end. We all feel this deep in our hearts & DNA…and on those sparse days when we are connected to the ONEness, we can feel that truth in real-time. The real question that remains is the when…which none of us has a concrete answer for.

My personal feeling based on my receivings and inner guidance is that this whole year will be dedicated to our physical emergence…beginning with our embodiment of christ consciousness (many are in the throes of this passage right now) that which will then ripple outward into our physical worlds.

That said, the starbeings assert that the ascension is now…that as of the 4/4 gateway/eclipse portal the higher realities reflect that truth, even as it is still working itself out in the physical realms.

Since the eclipses it has definitely and intensely felt as if the walls are closing in on us, but what’s really happening is that those walls are disintegrating and we are merging with our multidimensional selves. I am told that the pressure and the overall strangeness we are feeling at the moment is a direct result of this…that as we move into the very foreign space of ensoulment we are bound to experience great merger stress, but that it is ultimately all leading to the unfoldment, the actualization of the divine plan, in physical form.

Keep in mind that we are still heavily integrating all the recent eclipse expansion, coupled with all the solar intensity, even as it pushes us to our breaking point…try not to let that dissuade you from the magic inherent in this profound portion of the journey we are on.  My hope is that relief is on the way because my Sources tell me that the (Scorpio) full moon this Sunday will bring a very powerful transformation, one that promises to anchor us in the new.

In the meantime, if/when your humanity feels too heavy, take refuge in your divinity…keep your focus on your heart where the truth lives.   I know that is easier said than done in these increasing accelerations but we can’t be intimidated by the intensity of this experience which is definitely intimidating at times!

In one of my most recent moments of despair the Pleiadians said to me…“Imagine, if you will, what kind of heaven awaits you at the end of this tumult. Now multiply that times a thousand and you would still miss the mark.  This may be difficult to hear at this time, but we assure you that when you are complete within yourSelf you would do this twice over if the result meant you could be fully YOU, in form.”

I hope something I’ve said here eases your strain…

p.s. And yes, this process is years beyond absurd…