Oh, nice…a three-fer!

To @shia21, you say:

“But lately I have had more people pop into my space, one of which is full of fear energy, and it just seems as if I am never going to be away from this feeling”

Remember, resistance creates more attraction.  Do your best to lean into (and not away from) the energy that you are wanting to transmute…the first step to alchemy is always to accept/surrender to what-is knowing its there for a purpose.  If you run/avoid/resist, the unresolved energy will follow/confront/persist.  Like I said before…the only way around is thru.

Also, keep in mind that there are two energies always seeking balance within ourselves…our male/female polarity. It’s not always easy to notice the side we are tilting toward so I recommend you try both feminine (internal) and masculine (external) approaches.

I always start with the feminine because this is where everything originates, so in your situation I would…

1- FEMININE: seek out the reflection these people are mirroring for you: ie, look for the emotional unrest (triggers/wounds) within yourself and feel what wants to be felt with full sobriety (presence) until you become neutral to/unaffected by the feeling you want to be “away” from.  Kind of like immersion therapy, try to immerse yourself in the discomfort these people bring to your door…let them in, welcome them as the (divine) supports they truly are.  Once the charge is gone, you will no longer attract the vibration that is seemingly haunting you.

2- MASCULINE: if you feel you’ve done all this…felt all the unresolved feelings, accepted and surrendered fully…then it could be that your masculine side needs some bolstering in which case you would need to tap into your more primal/guttural/protective energies and put up a strong boundary with others.  This could amount to a simple inward refusal to accept less than you know you ultimately deserve, or in the case of persistent past (karmic) creations, it could mean literally confronting the energy (person) that is threatening to derail you, or maybe moving on from the relationship.  In circumstances where moving on is not possible…know that these antagonist relationships serve to show us the most about our true strengths because they force us to transcend the box we locked ourselves into.


To @sweet-pea, you say:

“i can’t be reminded enough that those “wrong” things are what’s so so right in me, and to trust that these “lonely” transitions are perfectly designed so we can tune out the noise enough to shed those layers.”

I couldn’t have said that better myself!  And please know that your presence in this coaching forum is truly a gift….glad you are finding the peace you so deserve.


Lastly, Jane…yes, courage in this capacity is a big deal.

You are not only going to be called to put on your big girl pants, but for reasons that will not be readily seen or understood by others. 😯 This creates the ultimate friction but ultimate-ly it’s the perfect pressure to truly force your coal into diamond.

The deep (3D) human need to be accepted by others is, in my opinion, the most encompassing.  It takes a near militant strength (and a lot of masculine fire) to have the balls to 1-separate yourself from the crowd, but mostly 2-to put yourself before your life.  But this is key…ultimately you have no choice in the latter because in 5D you fully realize that you ARE your life, that everything in your world is an extension OF you…that your life revolves around you, to reflect you back to you, so you can see YOU.

Not always easy but I will say this…once you muster up the strength to do it (put yourself first) even one time, it becomes nearly addictive.  You will grow a set in ways you never thought possible because saying NO when you need to is so self-nourishing it’s like food (acknowledgment) for your soul.

It’s actually an art, but one that is so vital to our success in these realms because very few people are at our level of sensitivity and therefore have NO IDEA what we are really feeling and why. Hell, we don’t even know half the time…but it’s not our job to explain things, or to make excuses (and trust me, over a decade I ran out of excuses pretty. early. on) our job is only to honor our true feelings because they are the voice of our soul.

Each time we choose ourSelf over another…and remain fully present to the discomfort that arises from that choice…we transmute density and bypass the inevitable backlash of cause and effect created out of imbalance (inauthenticity).  This new/higher choice then creates a new neural pathway (connection between brain and heart) thereby freeing ourselves from another strand of the karmic entangled webs we weave when we don’t have the strength or insight yet to make the proper (aligned) decisions for ourselves.

Know too that while you are in the process of reclaiming your power, you can utilize your intuitive gifts and discernment to avoid those moments and situations that are unexplainable and awkward…those places in your life where there is no bridge/connection or language to communicate your honest feelings.

In other words, if you stay centered within yourSelf and aligned with your truth, your truth will always protect you from harms way.  You will find that if you put your heart in first place that suddenly those uncomfortable experiences fade away or disappear altogether simply because you are honoring your soul-driven desires.

When you live by the pulse of your heart you operate via your soul’s authentic frequency which means you will organically begin to tune into & attract resonant situations to support you every step of the way back to Self.

You say: “come on human self, have courage”

And I would say…baby steps.