Hi Jane, and welcome! This is a really good topic and one that I don’t see enuf ‘ascending humans’ talking about.

Here’s the long and short of it…biological ascension (ensouling) absolutely requires a chrysalis period. 

You say:

“I do feel my sensitivity has amped up massively so this could be something to do with that.”

And I would take it a step further and say that it has EVERYthing to do with that.  Your growing sensitivity is a sign that you are embodying more of your divine nature which means you will be called inward many times during the many raw periods in which you are facing and feeling so much within yourself.  These inward periods are vital to your well being, and very sacred, and must be honored as such.

It’s important to realize that just as a newly incarnating human soul requires a protected gestation period for assimilation to the frequencies of the lower (denser) dimensions, so too does ensoulment require a protected, insular period for assimilation to the higher (less dense) dimensions.  During these times of vulnerability your body will respond viscerally with energetic overwhelm if you subject yourself to chaotic/dissonant frequencies.

The reason why we become so sensitive to the lower frequencies when expanding into our true divine nature is because our body is alchemizing/mutating in its atomic and subatomic structure in order to align with our divine template.  This, in turn, creates the need for us to focus our consciousness on the higher energies…the LOVE frequentials…in order to sustain, enrich, and nourish our budding crystalline form.  (ie. the new human form/homo luminous requires light and LOVE to live)

It is this requirement…staying in the protected energies of LOVE…that enables us to ultimately sever our connection to the 3d dimensional world (separation from GOD) so that we can fully harness the 5th dimensional infrastructure (unity with GOD) that many of us incarnated to experience.  Translation: the hearts call to remove ourselves from certain situations is absolutely on purpose.   If we do not honor the very essential need to protect ourselves from the harmful vibrations of others…and many 3D humans carry an enormous amount of fear energy which is highly toxic to the ascending crystalline human during the incubation/chrysalis phase…we can easily become physically & psychically sick.

Your heart/higher-divine Self knows best.  It is telling you exactly what you require at this time, but your human self must find the courage to come online and face all the societal/familial pressure…..ultimately, to allow yourself to be judged and LOVE yourself thru it.  And, yes you will be judged.  Anyone who veers from the flock, who dares defy convention, is always judged.  That’s the name of the duality/polarity game…which may be what you are being called to transcend in this moment.

Keep in mind that we are living thru a modern day ascension experience which means we don’t venture out into the wilderness and meditate in a cave for 7 years, no. We expand our consciousness and embody our divinity right here in the westernized world 😯 which definitely means outside influences will remain a constant threat to your heart’s call, to your awakening process, to your well being…but only until you have enuf Self LOVE to withstand the pressures.  

And there are and will be many.  This is in large part what I mean when I say we are all learning how to live a 5th dimensional life in a 3d dimensional world...because to be here at this time of transition between worlds means we have to LOVE and trust ourselves more than anyone or thing, which also means we must be willing to put ourselves before anyone or thing…the PHC are jumping in here to say:

The life of an ascending human at this time is no easy task…it requires full, unwavering commitment and focus, and (the Self) must become the first priority in life.  

This may sound contradictory to those with offspring, but we assure you that it is not.  Those who incarnated at this time to experience the shift into unity, as divine humans, made this decision together with their soul families, prior to the descent. Therefore, even if it appears otherwise, all those who join you in this lifetime are absolutely aware of the divine plan, and the requirements to be in a body, on earth, at this time.  Your job at this time is to trust in that plan.

To do that, we would recommend that the inner work be refocused on mitigating social pressures, for surely the ensouling process will eventually demand this.

If it helps at all…and Autumwind (@shia21), this is for you too…know that I have been in nearly permanent isolation (tho with my partner) since 2005 while undergoing my own intense metamorphic transition into my christed nature. I started to feel skinless and wildly permeable…susceptible to everything around me which was making me sicker by day, so I sold everything I had and bought a cottage in nature and from that day forward…after a very busy life in Manhattan…I have done nothing but awaken to my divine purpose, detoxify from the 3D world, and tend to the constant care and feeding of my mutating flesh. In a word: harrowing.  In two words: Absolutely required.

Even tho I don’t have children to consider, quarantining myself still meant learning 1) how to make a living during my transformation, and 2) how to deal with the constant spoken and unspoken pressures of the outside world/family/friends…and I have lost many in the process of putting mySelf first. Yes, it was absolutely excruciating at times…saying NO to any form of 3D life for 10 years straight has mostly sucked, but the freedom in letting go of every layer of everything that is NOT me…mainly because I have no energy left to uphold falsity….well, that’s what it’s all been for.  And that’s ultimately what it will be for you too.

Deeply you (and your children) know that you are not here to live a 3D life…you just have to create your own way to make a 5D life work in the 3D world, for YOU.   It’s not black and white, and its not for the faint of heart…but it is certainly possible long as you are being truly honest with yourSelf and others.

I hope something I’ve said here eases your strain…♡

p.s. If you feel to reach out, know that there are many ascending moms in TWYH who deal with the daily pressures of parenthood and having to balance Self care with care for others!