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  • Simone612

    July 15, 2021 at 2:09 am

    Hi Angel,

    You feeling frustration is probably just part of clearing out everything that stands in between you and the fulfilment of your heart desire. Think of it like this: when you have an inspired thought/ idea / vision of what you want to do and that you absolutely Love and that makes your heart sing with joy and excitement it is a sign that this is in alignment with your heart and soul, that this is an expression of your true self and purpose, your plan in alignment with the divine plan. And of course you say YES to it. This is the actual creation and it is the moment your creation starts to move, the process of bringing it into manifestation is set into motion. Trust in the Divine (key word co-creation) and believe in your own creator magic, do what you can and what feels possible without losing your balance, surrender and let go of what you cannot control, allow for the clearing out of that which stands in between you and your creation, know that there is divine timing, and don’t forget that we are building New Earth via our own creations which means patience as our higher creations are paving a new way for the entire collective. Also, this year is a great time to realize/discover/learn/remember/observe how we are creating as the seasons, in alignment with nature, as well as to remember that we’re co-creating with each other as we are bringing forth a new reality together as one unified force of creation. Your creation is not separate from the whole which means you can relax into the flow of life. 💚🌈💞