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  • Simone612

    July 15, 2021 at 3:45 am

    P.S. With regard to the situation with your father and as this seems to be connected to how we deal with the old patriarchal concepts, here are some thoughts I would like to share.

    Our job is not to fix, escape, or fight the patriarchal world.
    We are the bringers of a new reality and paradigm.

    When we have any thoughts that feel connected to concepts that were true in the old patriarchal world it is enough to simply identify them as such and then to let them go.
    When we have thoughts that feel connected to the New, that feel expansive and joyful and that make your heart sing – choose them as REAL.

    For example, money played a big role in the patriarchal paradigm. Money that was created by following the rules of a patriarchal system, society, economy. Our perception and sense of freedom and abundance often stemmed from the idea of monetary wealth.

    Let me suggest that in a new paradigm based on feminine-masculine balance, Love, unity, freedom and joy to express the Truth of who we really are etc. our perception and sense of freedom and abundance changes. For example, things like living in (comm-)unity and harmony with each other, sharing / receiving with an open heart, living in alignment with nature and with the divine and unseen realms etc. – these are all qualities of strength and abundance in the new reality and we have to choose to see them as such, and most times that means before everyone else (in our immediate surroundings/family) does or can see it. Trust that the Love that you have for these things weighs more than the outdated concepts of the old world.

    Being without money was often perceived as weakness and powerlessness in the old paradigm – but this is shifting as well. What we value becomes of value. As we are changing to a different perception and sense of what it means to be abundant and powerful we are also creating new ways in which we attract/create abundance (including money).

    Maybe your father represents the old paradigm in your world but you are free to establish a new reality and paradigm right where you are by loving what you believe is True, by Being the inspiration, and by choosing to value what is dear to your heart. This will automatically shift the relationship you have with your father. This is part of how we change the world and build a New Earth. 💞💫💚