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  • Cindy Mathers

    July 15, 2021 at 6:32 am

    Hello Kimberly I am studying with Claire Zammit she is extraordinary yes women have been conditioned to be dependent on men as part of the power play and also as a means of survival in earlier times as they needed protection of the males however we have evolved and women now need to address the inner barriers of lack shame and isolation- that is how we have been disempowered! It’s about connecting deeply and loving ourselves, connecting to the universal power and connecting with others who can see and support our brilliance! We cannot become our authentic brilliant self by ourself- we need the support of each other and the universe. Claire’s work is deeply transformational and is based on quantum physics where the transformation is created in the relational field! I have been immersed in her work since February and it is next level based on feminine power principles of connection collaboration community deep love and presence compassion and much more!! I know thing look pretty grim at the moment however so does a caterpillar before it emerges as a butterfly!! Much love to us all!