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  • Angel

    July 15, 2021 at 9:14 am

    Thank you for this reply Simone, what you wrote really helped.

    I think you have highlighted a lot of my experiences over the last few months. I feel that why today I was extremely frustrated over my dad’s attitude and the two emails that I received which has resulted in things being delayed.

    It felt like a repeat of the past…..again…..

    As for my dad, he seems to forget that he paid for my car instead of my Tertiary education.That was the deal my parents made, my sister had her studies paid for and I got my car. Which when I sold it I gave him the money from the sale back.

    As always he forgets …. I mean he got a better deal as I am paying for my university degree and that’s around $40,000.

    I am not sure what his issue was but after I posted I actually think the reason he had a ago at me was more about the car as I have a more current car then he does. He has been taking to some about cars lately and I think they might have run off on him….. 🤔