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  • Natasha Huntington

    July 16, 2021 at 9:48 am

    Are you paying “for” (ie want) more abundance or are you praying through gratitude for your abundance as if it’s already happened and you’re already living it? The lessons I’ve been taught are prayer/ thoughts/ universe/ manifestation will respond to the want and only provide more wanting and not actual abundance. Maybe try meditating on your future as if it’s already happened? I know it doesn’t solve the day to day ugh…. but it does help me feel like I have more control over what I’m brining into my life as what I actually need. Try making a list of how the visual (what you will see in your life), audio (what you will be hearing in your life), and kinesthetic (how it’ll feel in your life) will be in your new life. Really lean into the smells of your new place. How’s the lighting? And the decor? How about neighbors? Location? Is it loud with lots of kids and lots of energy or do you have a nice quiet old lady neighbor who brings you cookies? How do you feel in your new place and new abundance? Can you feel the calm in your body and the quiet in your mind in your new life? Just a few ideas…

    Hopefully I didn’t over share! I’m gonna take my own advice and sit down and do a VAK meditation on a few areas of my own life. Much love!! 💘