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  • kimberly millen brown

    July 17, 2021 at 1:26 am

    I like what you have thoughtfully and declaratively said and questioned, Alisa. I have wondered similarly those questions … many, many times over the years and especially now as I come to more fully understand my unified relationship to and as part of the I AM Presence. It does feel to me that my I AMness would be most aware of what it is I want being as I and It are one and the same … to think otherwise seems like an aspect of separation … me vs other, thus a disconnect of sorts.

    As I’m writing this perhaps we, with the false matrix programming and glass ceiling now removed, no longer need to clarify or perhaps state out loud repeatedly X amount of times as to reach some arbitrary quota in order to manifest what we want. Maybe it was the false matrix illusion that lead us to believing we needed to create in this manner.

    It seems our IAM Presence, which is US as you said, is of that One Mind and thus “I (AM) ought to know what I want.” There is nothing the I AM doesn’t know. Anything ever imagined has already been imagined by the I AM.

    Perhaps now with the incoming Light and its codes et al, we FINALLY will be able to manifest through a telepathy of sorts … our thoughts simultaneously working with our heart’s wants/desires and thus, we then “have” … we have created what we wanted and all these ways of twisting ourselves all around, or wrinkling our noses just “right”, or chanting our way, picturing our way, smelling our way, drawing 🤣our way (which these methods may also involve the Ego I’m thinking?) into manifesting will be 3D obsolete.

    AND, maybe we will come to learn/understand/remember that IMAGINATION is the powerful creative force of/in our YOUniverse, still requiring of us to be specific about what it is we want. So I’m pondering that all that will be required (or asked of us) is that we picture in our mind (using our 5 senses) what it is we fully want (as Natasha writes/questions in her statement previous to yours) which will then be what we “know” and then there will be no need/reason to write it down, make a vision board and use other such (feels to me outdated) tools in order to manifest.

    Manifesting seems to require two very important factors or ingredients: imagination and intent.

    As the soul in charge, as Source incarnate, our using our imagination is us just tapping into what Source has already imagined. It has been felt by the mystics for ages that if we’ve imagined it, if we know what we want, if we can imagine what we want, Source has already imagined it and done it. And this for me gets back to what you were finding as a conundrum. As Creator Beings we ought not to need to clarify what we know.

    As you state with such heart and I couldn’t agree more 😊🤍 that you are:

    very hopeful that this new cosmic year that begins on 7/26/2021 brings with it the new timeline and that the energy associated with that “NEW” will finally…. FINALLY begin to work with us and not against us.”

    Thank you, Alisa. 💜🍃✨💫🥳🕯