Looking for a healer pls at this level??

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  • Kate

    I live in Australia. I have been following Lauren’s 5d reports for 2 years. They have been absolutely instrumental in my journey. I totally resonate wth the content for the first time ever.

    I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and it has been super intense. I had been doing planetary work on higher levels that I had no control over. That has ceased and I have moved location, twice now. My journey then changed and I came across Lauren’s reports which I resonated with. The reports have guided me and given me answers and a lot of comfort and support on what has been happening with me. Knowledge is power and I am so grateful for these reports.

    I do meditations of Lauren’s (Pleidian) bc I resonate with the energy. However I am looking for a healer that also resonates with this level of energy to assist my journey.

    Does anyone in this community do healings or have recommendations for a healer who works at these levels please?

    I always run any information and/or guidance through my own intuitive filter and take responsibility for my journey.

    Blessings to you all
    Kate (Australia)

  • Angel

    Hi Kate,
    I can recommend a couple, where do you live in Australia?

  • Kate

    Hi Angel
    I live at the Central Coast which is just north of Sydney in NSW.
    I have seen healers in the States as distance healings which is fine too.

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