Creating your own birth chart using free online tools

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    • Simone

      Hi All!
      For those who are interested in creating their birth chart (or that of their granddaugthers @lindalubin ;)) here is how you can do that.

      I always use the free online tool here

      From the menu choose Free Horoscopes, under Drawings & Calculations you can choose Natal Chart, Ascendant (for basic charts including only the regular planets) or Extended Chart Selection if you want the chart to include additional planets, points, asteroids, fixed starts, TNOs etc.
      I always choose the extended version.

      The site will ask you if you are a guest user or if you are a registered user. Just continue as a guest user and click the link to go to the data entry page.

      Fill out the Birth Date Entry form and click continue.

      If you chose the extended chart selection you have a variety of options. Many of them I don’t even know what they are or what to do with it. But I figured out what settings to choose so that the chart contains all that is relevant to me. I’m going to add my chart and some screenshots that show the settings of the extended chart selection. If you so choose you can simply mimic them. I added several Asteroids and TNOs (Trans-Neptunian-Objects), as well as the True Node (for the North and South Node of the Moon, representing your karma and dharma), and Black Moon Lillith.
      At the end click the button that reads Click here to show the chart.

      Feel free to ask me any questions. I’m not an expert or professional astrologer but I’ll assist you where I can!

      Simone ✨

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