The New EARTH Institute @TWyh

While TWYH continues to provide a Home-base for so many amazing, awakening souls on the ascension & embodiment path, the site + network are currently undergoing an ascension into an online Temple, transitioning from a social gathering space to more of a social learning space…a Modern Mystery/Mastery School, if you will…for the New Earth-New World-New Age.

A true merger of galactic & gnostic, The New Earth Institute @TWYH is/will be built around the Divine Feminine (Magdalene) principles of Christhood…the embodied teachings of the Rose (Womb Wisdoms) overlit by the Cosmic Mother principle…as well as to provide a Governing Galactic Council space for allied, earthbound ambassadors in alignment with the Universal Ascension Plan.  Overseen by my own Higher/Galactic aspects, the intention is to create a comprehensive social learning experience…for initiates & masters alike…based in/on/around the Divine Governing structures (monadic architecture of GOD) now reinstated “on Earth, as it is in Heaven”.

The New Earth Reports, which now provide the core curriculum for our New Earth Studies @ the Institute ⇊ are not “indoctrinations” or “learned studies”, but birthed from the divine knowledge that lives inside each of us and comes alive (in our DNA) when we are (vibrationally) ready for the unfoldment of the Great Mysteries.

The New Earth Institute is founded not on dogmatic ideologies or based in any one set of be-lie-fs, but on a philosophy of immersive learning thru reflective teaching.  After years of building, hosting & fostering online community it became apparent that true learning is first an unlearning that clears the way for remembering…a process & pathway that can only unfold from within.  And yet, in a group setting with others who are experiencing the same or similar dynamics, that remembrance is multiplied thru reflection, via a veritable House of mirrors that, by default, facilitates greater-faster revelations and disclosures when overlaid with LOVE.

To that aim, the NEI is rooted in the understanding & conviction that the Garden is a community effort…shared crops, if you will…of the many levels and parts that will make up the whole of Eden.

So whether you’re relatively new to the Divine Feminine path of ascension & embodiment, looking for an enlightened group of physical guides to illuminate “the Way & the Truth & the Life”, or in your mastery looking to connect and/or co-create with those of like Heartmind, The New Earth Institute…which will eventually grow to house the entirety of the New Earth blueprint…is a proverbial House of many mansions, with Worlds within Worlds to explore.  JOIN U

Growing list of topics to be covered @NEI:

Changes for Members & Non-Members:

Moving forward, there will continue to be 3 tiers of membership available however, prices & permissions have changed and will be rolled out accordingly.   Basic is now Crystal, Plus is now Diamond, and Premier will eventually become Rainbow (TBD) but with a whole new structure and purpose.

The New Earth Reports have shifted to now constitute the “Core Curriculum for our New Earth studies” and each month’s report will also include a specific group forum thread for member discussion and topic assimilation & integration. The format, consistency and structure will remain much the same, but with a slightly different focus⇾ from becoming to BEing & building (Eden).  Each report will contain key components of The Divine Plan as it unfolds before (within) us…weaving together the journey with the outcome.

NOTE: A free version of every report will continue to be offered, however, due to the new school structure The New Earth reports will no longer be available for individual purchase.




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