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Lauren January 7, 2021
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To create in unity, via the universal Law of ONEness…with the awareness that we are originated from are connected to one/same Source…requires an understanding of our relationship with that Source, what I define as: right-relationship. 

A commonly held and accepted worldview definition of right- relationship pertains to an external GOD…as in, “right relationship with GOD”…but from the  unified view, right-relationship begins at the level of Self (with a capital S), because we are (an extension of) GOD.

So within that context, right-relationship means ⇾ the (higher/divine/GOD) Self before ALL else.

But before we can commit to that (right) relationship with Self, the perception of separation between you and You, between self and Self (as Source) must be eliminated.  When you eliminate separation between you and your Creator, you eliminate separation between you and your creations.

Any place in your thoughts, feelings, actions, relationships, etc. where you honor a separation between your human and GOD Self is a place that is still connected to, and therefore participating in, duality.  This perceived separation between self & GOD served its purpose in duality, but in unity, all separation (space) sets us back in “time”, turns our creations upside down.

When our creations spiral downward into density, they are bound by “time & space”, by the gravity (karma) of the 3d dimensional world. In unity time IS space…in other words, time exists in the separation (space) we keep between our humanity & divinity…between our mind & heart.  So as we progress further along in our reunion with Self as Source, we further eliminate the “time” (delay) experienced in the manifestation of our creations.  That bears repeating:

The more unified you ARE, the more instantaneous your creations.

The more you are able to recognize and shift your separation-based perception, the more you will remember yourSelf as Source.  And with that memory comes the realization that everything you desire to be, do, and have is the result of YOU…not as a result of an external GOD or the universe (as something separate from us), but as a result of BEing GOD and the YOUniverse.

As the essential perspective of right-relationship roots into your reality, it literally changes everything about your participation with creation.  And while this is great in theory, the application of right-relationship is a bit more complicated.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson on applying the right relationship…

The unification between Self and Source creates the levity and buoyancy of a purpose-filled life, one that is replete with your own LOVE, your own unique contribution to the planet.

Not only do you have the option to create a purpose-filled life, but you absolutely have the option to create a purpose-filled world…one in which your own individual creations become the very foundation to, the very fabric of, a world AS LOVE.  -Pleiadian Council Conciousness

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