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FUNtivity! reDefining Freedom

Lauren December 26, 2020
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After all the inner work that has led you to this moment, undoubtedly a lot has changed. I am assuming that your perspective has shifted so much since your journey back to Self began that freedom might mean something entirely different to you now.

Because of that, I recommend that you take a moment to clarify what freedom means to you based on where you are now.

I said earlier that “there simply is no greater freedom than employing our soul’s true intentions for being here”…

How would you define (or redefine) your true intentions for being here, now? How has your perception of freedom shifted in the last 3-5 years?

Tip! 💡 Journal it. Scrapbook it. Sing it. Draw a picture. Do a dance. Whatever freedom means to you, express THAT.

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