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FUNtivity! A right-action exercise

Lauren January 9, 2021
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Try this exercise on to see where you sit on the self-first scale…

Upside down to RIGHT side UP: an exercise in right-action

o Upside Down: Make a list of all the people, priorities, situations, responsibilities, etc. in your life that you put before your soul’s desires…whether it be spiritually, mentally, emotionally &/or physically. Be brutally honest and as specific as possible…and be sure to scour those obscure care-taking dynamics, even and especially those that “feel good”. Often the places we give ourselves away the most are the subtlest…disguised in unconscious patterning.

↳ THINK🧠Mentally upholding/emotionally sustaining those we love…over-giving (especially in unrequited ways/relationships) to feel worthy…putting others feelings before our own in fear of hurting/disappointing people we care about.

Tip! 💡 Very often the patterns that create separation in your life will make unassuming demands on you in ways that incur feelings of tension, resistance, frustration, and even resentment. On a physical level, these situations may deplete you, drain your energy/life force. Really shine a light on those places where your feelings/sensations speak to a lack of awareness and/or avoidance of these dynamics.

o Right Side Up: Now reflect on that list and contemplate how in each of those circumstances you can flip the dynamic, or at the very least begin to steer it in the RIGHT direction…one where you are tending to your Self-first…making choices that truly reflect and nourish your HEARTfelt desires, honor your soul’s voice.

Tip! 💡 If practically putting yourself fully first seems too far to stretch..for example, if you have small children or family to care for…then begin by at least putting yourself on the same care plan as those you love and tend to. Try fitting yourself into your nurturing by giving to yourself and others in equal measure until you can tip the scales in the Self-first direction.

↳THINK 🧠 How can you turn response-abilities into Self-nurturing acts of LOVE?

o Right-Action: Now that you have more of an idea (on paper) where you sit on the Self-first scale, you can practice LOVEing yourself back together thru a 3-step process of right-action:

1. Be on the lookout for those reliable gut feelings that are constantly (and dependably) alerting you to your honest Truth.

2. When your soul speaks don’t dismiss the feelings! At the least, acknowledge the message…even if you have yet to honor it. (Lest it grows LOUDER 😬)

3.  Summon the courage to say NO when you need to…even and especially when it is uncomfortable to do so. Start small if necessary, but get in the habit…practice getting behind your true feelings.

It is the commitment to loving Self that you cultivate the courage necessary to become the absolute center of your uni·verse, and then create your life accordingly.

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