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Intro 2: Freedom from Slavery

Lauren December 31, 2020
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Each of the weekly lessons of which are presented as a key cornerstone to creating in the New Earth energy…as such, it contains some important constructs needed for new (original) Creatorship.

And to be clear, when I say “new energy”, I really mean unity as opposed to duality (separation) consciousness.  In unity, or from the perspective of remembering our connectivity to the whole of who we are and to the ALL of everything, the Universal Laws of Creation are participated with differently.

NOTE: If you have not yet read Causal to Conscious Creationwhich is an easy-to-read interview format and crash course on the sacred mechanics of Uni·versal Creation…I highly recommend you do so before proceeding with Create As LOVE. There are some introductory, foundational elements to 5th dimensional (unity) creation that you will find really helpful to build upon throughout this e-course.

I discuss the basic Creation Laws in much greater detail in C2CC, but here’s the Reader’s Digest version: when we transcend separation consciousness, the (karmic) Law of Cause & Effect is rendered obsolete.

This means that instead of working with the dynamic of electro·magnet·ism…which is based in polarity…we operate purely and in harmony with the Law of ONE where we are commanded by, and in command of, (universal) LOVE.

In other words, when we are no longer tethered to the realm of duality, (thank you 2020!) we are no longer in resonance with the Universal Laws that govern it.  In fact, once we heal the divide between our human and divine Self, we are tethered to nothing…we are FREE. But what does freedom really mean?

At the moment, we are only at the very beginning of exploring and defining what this new level of freedom means for us, both personally and collectively.  After the many years of tremendous inner-work required to free ourselves from the limitations of duality, we are here now…at this very specific and often tumultuous-uncertain, yet magical time of quantum growth potential for humanity and our planet…to create the world anew.

Freedom, as it has been made apparent to us up until now, has really meant freedom from slavery…or more specifically, what I would call freedom from the fate of others and the world around us.

But freedom in the unified spectrum of reality is SO much bigger than that, so much more multidimensional, and with so much to grow into that many enlightened beings from all over the universe are here now, in droves, to help guide and assist us to work with our limitless Creative power to rebuild our world anew, to physically construct “Heaven on Earth” via the Age of Aquarius.

We are not just inspired but fully supported to co-create an entirely new paradigm…a new way of BEing, with new societal systems and new, higher technologies based in mutual LOVE and respect for all Earth’s Kingdoms.

In other words, this very moment in time is why you are here now, and what all the excruciating, profound, immeasurable, and personal transformation has been for.  The clarion has sounded and we are all being summonsed by Source, asked to answer LOVE’s call so that we can awaken and wield the long-dormant Creative power that has always been within us, but that is now awakening to be utilized for the highest good of all.

We are readying to apply our Creatorship in ways that are deeply satisfying…ways that can uplift, fulfill and sustain us individually and as a society, consciously and with/in joy, while applying our personal and creative passions in complete conjunction with a deep reverence for all of life.

The truth is, there simply is no greater joy than the creative freedom derived from employing our soul’s true intentions for being here…and this journey begins with(in) each of us.

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