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Intro 3: Creating As LOVE

Lauren January 1, 2021
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A quantum leap is required to get to the level of freedom that puts us at the helm, as the captain of our vessel, as the rightful designer of our destiny. It involves moving beyond separation, beyond karmic/causal creation, and into true conscious co-creation with the masculine & feminine components of our soul, devoid of any participation with polarity.

That means creating with a unified consciousness…which dictates that there is only a Universal response to LOVE…beyond right or wrong, good or bad, light or dark, better or worse.  A realm where the totality of neutrality is our only measure and marker point of success.

Because of this change in our participation with creation, and to get our new level Creatorship rolling, I was inspired to reframe the basic ways in which our newfound freedom can be understood and applied…a process I am excited to introduce to you as Create As LOVE.  Creating as LOVE is equivalent to a master’s degree program on earth. After we complete our personal purification process and graduate from the school of suffering, the university of duality, we are given the opportunity to apply our hard-earned mastery in the physical world and f·i·n·a·l·l·y play with our superpowers! 🦸🏻‍♀️

This e-course provides the foundation to that application…the basis of how to consciously create a 5th-dimensional life in a 3d dimensional world.”   There may be a learning curve ahead.  The Divine Feminine way of Creating (via the Cosmic Mother principle) is newly returned to Earth and so our time together will be a bit of a create-as-we-go process…kind of like building a plane while in-flight.  But that’s half the excitement!

Also…and depending on if you’re new to my work…some of the information contained in this e-course may be paradigm shifting for you…and necessarily so. We are entering unchartered territory together so be prepared to open your mind to what intrinsically lives in your Heart.

📎 In the next lesson I will discuss the first element of Divine Creatorship, how & why the entire Create As LOVE system is built upon it.  In the meantime, I have some stuff for you to ponder. Note that while this is definitely a non-mandatory homework e-course, for those of you who do like to engage the information in a hands-on way, I have a simple (optional) exercise in the next section that will help you to connect with your own personal level and definition of freedom with what I would officially call your first funtivity!  Yea, I went there. 🤓

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