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Intro 1: Authorship of Destiny

Lauren December 23, 2020
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For so very long we, as a humanity, have toiled over the pursuit of destiny.  We have unknowingly been chasing after something we considered to be so elusive and with such ferocity, that we didn’t even realize that we were creating this so-called “destiny” all along.

Not only were we oblivious to the fact that we were creating our outcomes each and every step of the way, but we were also painfully unaware that we were (unconsciously) creating continual and repetitive experiences of struggle…of resistance, lack, and suffering.

But now we are awake! We are remembering our authentic power and realizing, en masse, that once we transcend those aforementioned limitations we actually have the ability, knowledge, and wisdom contained within us to truly co-create our lives according to our heart’s most cherished desires, those desires that communicate our unique soul’s plan & purpose for being here at this unusually special time on earth.

At the time of creating this e-course, humanity is in the midst of a major, palpable shift toward a much greater destiny…one where ALL things are becoming possible.

We are finally, collectively, at a place where struggle no longer has to be a part of our creations, but it is going to take pioneers like you to prove this to yourself first, so that others may awaken and be inspired by your example and profound ability to Create As LOVE.

Speaking of which, and before we go any further, please take a brief moment to breathe that truth deep into your heart.  This divine dispensation did not just “miraculously appear” before us, no…it is the hard-earned result of the most difficult (inner) work made possible by LOVE leaders like yourself who were not only willing to make the sacrifices for a better life experience, but in your willingness to do so, have made this consciousness shift possible for a better humanity…ipso facto, a better planet.

So for that, and for you…and on behalf of all of life on Earth…a deep bow in LOVE for your honorable and committed contribution to the ALL. Without you and your willingness to LOVE yourself back together, none of this is possible. In fact, this e-course was called into creation because of YOU and as a result of this very shift into our new way of BEing, of Creating.

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