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Lauren January 9, 2021
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Hopefully, I hammered in the importance of right-relationship in the last lesson…the notion of right-relationship with Self (as Source…the understanding that at the higher level, relationship to Self is right- relationship with GOD because we are (aspects of) GOD.  Because think about it…when we can fully digest the totality of this statement it really puts into perspective any (human) thoughts around worthiness, right?  If not, take a moment to mull that over.

If we are all aspects of GOD, then how can we really question our worth?!

Even if you do grasp the concept, the perspective of Self worth and the application of it⇾ two very different densities.  We can cognitively grasp that we are worthy just for BEing (GOD)…but unless we support that awareness with right-action, our lives and creations will continue to reflect separation.

In my mind, right-action is nothing more (or less) than ACTING in accordance with our soul’s intentions.

But in real life, with other real humans, that is a lot easier said than done.  With any kind of consistency.

Enter ☞ Self LOVE.

My own soul told me once that Self LOVE is so much more than the realization that we are worthy…that it is a continual conscious action and the most pristine act of divinity to put the Self before ALL else.  But to take right-action based on right-relationship means we have to honor, practice, advocate & perpetuate Self-first as a constant priority in our lives.

You could say that the right action is Self LOVE-in-action. But make no mistake…this is not the fluffy, bask-in-bliss kind of (feminine) LOVE.  This is the masculine, divine fatherly-type of LOVE that commands self-respect and honors personal boundaries.

This means LOVEing ourSelves enough to make those very difficult decisions in difficult situations to put our soul Self (aka, our honest feelings) first, in a society/family/job/relationship that mostly demands otherwise. Right-action insists that we not only live soul-side-up in an upside-down world, but that we stay true to that intention by backing it up with our aligned actions and behaviors.

If you found your way to this e-course, no doubt you are intimately familiar with that which I speak, but if this divinely masculine LOVE is not your forte, know that putting the Self before all else is not only mandatory to heal/whole ourselves (i.e. to reclaim all our displaced parts of self that we unknowingly give away by putting others first) it will ultimately be for right-relationship to “whole the world”…to ultimately/eventually shift everything in society into right (divine)order.

Tho it begins with you & me.

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