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Separation vs Unity

Lauren January 6, 2021
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Understanding the new (ancient) relationship to creation may require a perspective shift for you, but it is a super-important shift…arguably THE shift needed to create in unity…and the basis of this e-course.

I will explain why in a minute, but first let’s quickly review an important key concept covered in Causal to Conscious Creation: Separation vs. Unity consciousness

☞ Separation consciousness is the state of being that is precipitated from a split, or fracture in the mind-body/head-heart system which causes the distinct feeling of being separated from the whole of who you are, and therefore from the whole of creation…the ONE-world being.

☞ Unity consciousness is the state of union with GOD…the connection to/memory of Home (the state of ONEness), of being intimately connected to and with all of life, on all levels.

While it’s true that on a higher level we are no longer bound by the gravity of duality, in order to fly in ways that we don’t even realize yet are possible it is required, by divine law, that we first sever all personal ties (thoughts + feelings = be-lie-fs) with separation.  We can’t embody a unified state of consciousness…and therefore unity creation…until we unplug from the “duality-reality-program” which is based in the division between heart & mind…and here’s why: Duality…which honors the law of cause and effect…is subject to polarity.

Remember in Lesson 1: Intro 3 when I said: “This means that instead of working with the dynamic of electro-magnet-ism, which is based in polarity…(in 5D) we operate purely and in harmony with the Law of Oneness.”

Well here’s where it applies ⇾ In duality, we exist and therefore create with a separated heart-mind system, which by design, creates opposite, or opposing realities.  Which, incidentally, is why we tend to attract the opposite (fear) of what we ultimately desire in duality… because the heart & mind are pitted against each other.

In unity, and once the division between heart & mind is wholed, we transcend the separated heart-mindset and gain access to a whole new (conscious) creation mechanism…one that is governed by the Law of ONEness.

The Law of ONEness stipulates that because everything is connected to and a part of the same energy Source, that ALL things are connected, as ONE. Why this matters is simple, yet requires so much mastery to attain because in unity we create purely what’s in our HEARTs…devoid of any participation with polarity and the Law of Opposites.

In other words, the Law of Cause & Effect is rendered obsolete in unity, whereby we operate purely and directly with the Law of Oneness…where there is only a uni·versal response to LOVE.

When our hearts are whole and LOVE is our dominant vibration, we literally bypass the split/separated dynamic of attraction & repulsion (electro-magnetism)…in the sense that we no longer participate with them as two separate forces, but as ONE unified forcefield….and work directly with the Law of Resonance.

I’ll talk about that much more in upcoming lessons but for now, the takeaway is this:

☞ In duality, we are subject to the Laws of Polarity (opposites) & Causality (cause & effect).

☞ In unity, we create via the Law of ONEness

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