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The Holographic Self

Lauren January 10, 2021
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In the last lesson, I talked about right-relationship with Self…how Self-first is the basis by which we create in unity, and why right-action (the act of putting the divine Self before all else) is necessary to enforce it.

In today’s lesson I want to explain why, at the highest level, it is our true nature to be Self-centered.

If you spent some time with Upside-down to RIGHT side UP exercise, you may have been made aware of some long-held mental, emotional…perhaps even cultural and/or religious conditioning…preventing you from fully enacting a Self-first relationship in different areas of your life.

Highlighting those places of separation within was the point of that exercise, to bring your awareness to the areas in need of healing & Self Love so you can discover the part of you that is organically compelled to exist as the center of your world…as THE creator of everything in your personal universe, simply because you ARE everything in your YOUniverse.

Let me explain what I mean…

At the highest level, life is a hologram. (There is plenty of amazing information online about this very fascinating yet complicated Holographic Universe Theory if you want to delve deeper into the physics of it.) The understanding central to Create As LOVE is that this holographic reality system that we all participate in is an actual projection of collective consciousness, which means everything we experience in life is quite literally an external reflection of our internal reality.

↳ THINK 🧠 “As above so below…as within, so without.”

By that measure, when we are in right- relationship with Self, we are in right-relationship with our world.  Being in right-relationship with our world means that we are able to illuminate the light of our soul to impress upon our personal hologram to where every aspect of our life accurately reflects our authentic, internal nature…where all our life creations are balanced and suspended in rotating orbit around our soular Self in the same way that all the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun.

The whole notion of life as a hologram is based on the understanding that our lives, and everything within them, are cast out of the light of our souls, that all of life not only revolves around our soul Self, but exists as a result of Self…in the same way that all planetary life exists as a result of the Sun.

Our soular light literally nourishes and sustains our life creations in the same way the Sun nourishes and sustains the Creation of life itself.

“You are not in the world, the world is in YOU.”

You ARE the world. The all of everything you personally experience in this world is a direct result of, and response to, that which is actively contained within your consciousness.

Tip! 💡 If it helps, think of your individuated Self as a film projector. Your own internal (soular) light is what projects the scenes (blueprint) of your life, thru your own unique lens (perspective), onto your outer reality. The clearer your lens, the more accurate your light will project your (unfiltered) Truth onto your world.

Again, there is a lot of really good information widely available to us now that supports the science of the holographic & fractal nature of our universe, but the basis highlights that what we perceive and experience in our “solid & visible world” is actually a Self-created matrix…a three-dimensional projection of our light coalesced in vibrating patterns of varying densities.

So physical existence is quite literally a magic trick, an optical illusion, a virtual reality program generated by the light of our soul, however in 3D …where our focus is separate from the Source of our true nature…we are veiled from the memory that everything in our world is the result of our own participation with the universal hologram.

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